OAKLAND, CA, JANUARY 4, 2017 – Radian Generation is pleased to announce RADIAN LENS 1.4, the newest iteration of the LENS Software, our proprietary cloud-based technology platform, designed and built to increase profitability for our renewable energy clients.

Regarding the 1.4 release Radian Generation CTO, Eric Baller, stated, “This release was in direct response to features requested by LENS customers. We feel that the best way to ensure our clients’ success with the platform is to create frequent universal upgrades to the LENS system and deliver advanced new features for all our customers. It eliminates the need for in-house customizations that lock them into old versions of the software and lets our customers  stay focused on their core business.”

The new release continues Radian’s focus on comprehensive solar asset management, with the following enhancements:

Operational Reporting

  • Reports can be saved as scheduled email subscriptions
  • Automatically report on Project, Portfolio or user defined project groupings
  • Customize the elements to include in Reports
  • New report components for Task and Ticket updates and activity
  • Portfolio breakdown by project, on any date range, sortable by production and performance index
  • Speed improvements on portfolio reporting

Financial Accounting

  • Additional reporting enhancements simplify real time financial reporting across any group or portfolio
  • End of month reports generated automatically on the first of the month
  • Automated community solar invoicing (set and forget percentage and adjustable rate per participant)

 Data Integration

  • Addition of Solar Edge API
  • Improvements to the Locus API

Calculations & Data

  • Updates to availability calculations
  • Upload and Download of forecast model (monthly or hourly)
  • Upload and Download of adjustments and PPA rate schedule
  • Better access to underlying data for users, including Daily, Hourly and Raw data


  • Project Assistant to guide users through the onboarding process

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