Radian Lens Release 1.5

Radian Generation adds standard features and flexibility to the Lens™ solar asset management platform.

Radian Lens™ release 1.5, made available to all customers yesterday, includes new data connections, enhanced tracking of the cost of downtime, new options for calculating weather-adjusted expected energy and additional customization options for users.

Radian Generation Director of Technology, Raphael Varieras, stated, “We are excited to deliver another universal upgrade to our clients.  At Radian we are fully committed to our promised product roadmap as the right way to deliver optimum value for our customers. The 1.5 release includes system updates based the requests of our existing customers and on our experts’ observations of the needs of the ever-maturing and dynamic renewable energy marketplace.”

Even with the benefits of a common platform, clients can manage unique elements of their process, such as adding their own types of documents with custom meta-data fields, tailoring the experience of all users within their organization and building in their own standard business processes.

New options simplify weather adjustment for projects without hourly engineering models. Each project can be configured to use the best algorithm for the situation, depending on the model and the level of weather detail available, ranging from simple irradiance adjustment to advanced ASTM-based regression models or physical model calculations.

When issues arise, Lens™ can automatically track the business impact of downtime, helping asset managers prioritize O&M activities.

Lens™ continues to be focused on providing a single comprehensive platform for simplifying and centralizing project information. Existing document libraries and other enterprise systems can now be integrated directly with external links on Tasks and Tickets, enabling Lens™ users to respond quickly, regardless of where project information is held.

Sometimes, a project isn’t defined by a single forecast. A model that includes soiling, for example, can hide subtle effects from other factors. Lens™ now offers the flexibility of tracking multiple forecasts and adjustment schedules, for example to include or remove the effects of soiling or snow cover, providing more accurate detail on project performance.

SRECs are now handled better, both as Agreement types and in revenue calculations. This release also adds to Radian’s library of supported data platforms with access to Draker performance monitoring systems.

Lens™ is Radian’s proprietary cloud-based technology platform designed and built to deliver the best practices of our industry experts and to provide our clients with important efficiencies, redundancies, and superior results. Radian Generation not only develops Lens™ but uses it on a daily basis, continuously providing direct feedback to the product organization. Release 1.5 includes over 50 new features and was made available universally to all clients.

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