RadianGEN Advances Solar Asset Management Support in the Northeast


Radian Generation, LLC (RadianGEN), a premier provider of ongoing solar and energy storage asset management and advisory services, today announced the opening of its new office in Rochester, NY, recognizing the aggressively expanding markets in the Northeast United States and Ontario, CA.

“The new office, together with our eastern data center in Charlotte, NC, will be integral to continue expanding RadianGEN’s asset management services throughout New York and the New England regions, bringing our analytical focus to ensure solar owners’ and investors’ profitability in states where operational performance is key,” said Chad Sachs, CEO of Radian Generation.

Heading the Rochester, NY office will be David Neale, who joins RadianGEN’s team of accomplished professionals.

“The long-term management of solar assets is still an evolving business, and many owners and investors find out after a while there is a gap between current Operations & Maintenance (O&M) expectations and a focused effort to optimize financial performance,” said Neale. “I am excited to join RadianGEN because we act on behalf of the owners in partnership with O&M providers and others, bringing a higher level of precision to the market through risk-based contractual, financial and technical asset management of the solar portfolios.”

Prior to joining Radian Generation, Neale was co-founder and COO of EnergyWise Partners. EnergyWise, a software services company, developed a portfolio management platform for renewable energy assets, integrating system monitoring with sophisticated data and financial analysis tools for asset owners. Neale earned his Bachelor of Arts in Physics at Lancaster University in the UK.

“As PV deployment grows worldwide and solar becomes both a mainstream energy resource and an established investment asset class, RadianGEN is working to ensure the long term success of projects and to maximize ROI for investors and owners,” said Sachs. “Expert solar asset management enables solar system owners and investors to enjoy higher returns on their investment with less risk and lower cost. RadianGEN is leading the effort to optimize solar project performance and implement asset management best practices. We are excited to add David to head our new office, service the growing demand from our customers and assist us in refining our state-of-the-art asset management capability.”

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