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Our Mission

Create an inclusive platform for providing best-in-class, technology-enabled solutions for the renewable energy industry to optimize performance and reduce risk. We achieve this by cultivating trust through transparent communication and by recognizing the humanity of our workforce and our customers.

The team at RadianGen is dedicated to ensuring the promise of renewable energy through services and software that manage risk and provide continuity for the entire project life-cycle.

Joe Kastner

Empowering Climate Solutions

Every action taken every day by our employees is one more step toward effecting a positive outcome in the global fight against climate change. Radian Generation is committed to being part of the solution to support our environment. We are inspired to advance a better world for tomorrow’s generation.

Solar rays lead to better days!

Customers: Technology-driven Solutions and Service

Think like an owner to optimize both technical and financial performance of the investment.

Culture: Respectful and Inclusive of All

Create an environment that promotes diversity and inclusion to attract and retain top talent.

Corporate Performance: Excellence in Execution

Strive for excellence in all facets of corporate performance.


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Is Radian Generation a public company?

No, Radian Generation is a private company. Please see 424 Capital’s website for more information on our investor.

Do you provide O&M services?

No, Radian Generation does not offer O&M services. We offer asset management, compliance and technical consulting services.


Do you offer NERC generator operator (GOP) services?

No, but Radian Generation does offer NERC generator owner (GO) development.

When should I hire Radian Generation for my project?

Prior to Notice to Proceed (NTP). Even if you’re in the design or construction phase, Radian Generation provides technical advisory and consulting services from the origination phase through project development.

Does Radian Generation offer asset management packages or à la carte services?

Once the Radian Generation team understands your requirements, we will build a fully customized scope for your asset management needs.

Career Opportunities

Do you hire from outside the renewable industry?

Absolutely! Radian Generation is committed to finding the brightest and most talented employees to join our team.

Do you have any COVID-19 workplace safety requirements?

Radian Generation is committed to ensuring a safe workplace environment for all its employees. We encourage employees to practice social distancing and to follow all state and local mandates when coming into the office.


Do you offer LENS™ as a subscription service?

Yes, Radian Generation offers LENS™ software as a subscription service. Please contact us for more information.

Does LENS™ integrate with other software or DAS providers?

Yes, Radian Generation has more than a dozen application programming interfaces (APIs) with other software platforms. Please contact us for more information.