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A global provider of comprehensive services & products designed specifically to support the complete lifecycle of renewable facilities.

Radian Generation supports developers from early to late stage development with a deep understanding of the renewable energy markets, data and cybersecurity requirements, design challenges and financial modeling expertise.

  • Assist with site and financial due diligence
  • Review offtake and subcontract structures
  • Mitigate regulatory risk through technical and compliance oversight
  • Validate performance models and weather assumptions
  • Digitized workflow and data architecture to track development activities, milestones, and obligations
  • Develop effective and secure designs for OT and cyber infrastructure

Radian Generation provides owners and construction managers with a variety of technical consulting, advisory services, software,  financial services and asset management support during the project construction period. 

  • Provide project management tools and services during construction
  • Assist with technical and construction due-diligence activities
  • Manage all accounting services, including AP, AR and  reporting
  • Develop NERC registration and other regulatory programs
  • Coordinate construction compliance activities across all subcontractors
  • Ensure effective design and implementation of project SCADA / OT components

Radian Generation employs a comprehensive approach to managing the entire operational life of renewable energy assets for owners and investors alike.

  • Ensure compliance with all project agreements
  • Maximize energy production to optimize the return on investment
  • Manage all financial requirements and reporting
  • Leverage technical experience to mitigate project risk
  • Coordinate federal and state compliance programs
  • Utilize smart software as a project tracker, compliance & analytics engine, report tool, and performance dashboard


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Life-cycle software platform:
Designed for renewable energy

Engage your team, streamline your process, and digitize your platform with a scalable SaaS system. Radian Digital™ provides a single source of truth, spanning comprehensive use cases that follow the life-cycle of renewable energy assets.


Is Your Project a Compliance Risk?

As grid compliance for all types of generation assets becomes progressively more complicated, it is more critical than ever for power plants to meet or exceed regulatory guidelines. Radian Generation provides expert federal and state compliance program development and ongoing management to keep energy projects operating predictably and in compliance with all governing agencies.


Asset Management Services:
Automated, Reliable, Data Driven.

Radian Generation was founded on the core principle of offering professional asset management services to support a maturing renewable energy industry. And since that day, Radian Generation has continued to spearhead the creation of industry-leading asset management thought leadership and best practices to efficiently manage, optimize and de-risk energy assets to support predictable returns.

All of this is managed through Radian Generation’s proprietary software platforms—where owners and investors gain a real-time view into both the financial and technical performance of their assets to better understand trends and risks.


Cybersecurity and Operational Technology

Radian Generation is a pioneer in technical advisory and engineering services in the domain of OT/IT/SCADA/Cybersecurity for assets in development through operations. Designing and delivering secure and standards-compliant facilities is a core objective, while maintaining high availability and effective cybersecurity posture for long term operations.


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