Global Audit-Ready®

Utilize a robust technology platform to manage regulatory compliance efficiently and hassle-free.

Global Audit-Ready® eliminates compliance headaches with a reliable, automated digital platform for managing NERC and other regulatory requirements. Developed as a software solution for us to manage & administer our clients compliance programs, our software utilizes SharePoint document storages and turns them into an interactive database and front-end, with built-in controls, dashboards, and more.

We make it easy to document procedures, track evidence, gather information, obtain electronic approvals, assign responsibilities, and build internal controls, so you and your team can focus on core responsibilities. And thanks to automated notifications, communications, and escalations, along with a centralized location to manage and monitor compliance, you’ll save time and boost transparency.

“Global Audit Ready® provides a level of situational awareness we never had before. All our documents, narratives, and processes are all in one place. I can pull up any given regulation and see the elements we have in place to be compliant.”

Ron Drobeck

GAR Platform Features


Built by pros

Our software suite was created by software developers who are also compliance specialists – and it shows. Global Audit-Ready® is proven and reliable. It also stays up to date with the latest software enhancements as well as new regulatory requirements.
Alongside a continuously updated database of NERC regulations, the platform features guidance documents, regulatory training materials, and supplements gathered and summarized by subject-matter experts. It’s easy to see why both asset owners and auditors love it!


SharePoint provides a familiar, easy-to-use foundation for our software. Global Audit-Ready® integrates smoothly with your existing IT infrastructure with a simple upload, adding no additional security requirements.

Ready to support

Reliability is at the core of all of Radian’s offerings, including Global Audit-Ready®. And if you ever need assistance, our help desk offers quick turnaround with whatever expertise, analysis, and insight you need.

A suite of solutions

Start with the Global Audit-Ready® Dashboard, which lets you quickly determine your overall compliance status in real time. Identify what regulations are applicable, who is responsible for ensuring they are met, and when they are due.

The Compliance Status Report is your central hub for all program documentation, including descriptions of processes, policies, and controls; evidence tracking; audit results; and reports on every status detail related to each regulation. In combination with the Audit Package Creator, you’ll be able to automatically generate regulatory submittals like NERC RSAWs – including all relevant evidence – in less than a minute, rather than hours.

Other specialized software includes the SME Responsibility Report, Operator Instruction Log, Document Loader, Transmission Vegetation Maintenance Program, Protection System Maintenance Program, Approval Tracking System, and Survey Tool. Save time by automating the process of keeping SMEs, asset operators, and other key team members in the loop and on task.

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