Technical Advisory Services

Owners’ representatives who can assist with sorting out even the most difficult technical and financial roadblocks.

Radian Generation offers a wide array of technical development and operations advisory services related to commercial and utility-scale solar power plants and energy storage. Drawing on Radian Generation’s technical resources and staff, one-time scopes and retainer-based service contracts are available for all types of solar performance and construction topics.

Power Purchase and Interconnect Agreements

Leverage years of development, operations and compliance experience to owners with critical guidance on power purchase agreements, interconnect applications and other project-specific agreements.

Modeling and Operating Cost Assumptions

Apply real-world performance knowledge along with a vast data library to improve the accuracy of 8760 models, financial models, weather datasets and cost assumptions.

Supply and Service Contract Reviews

Utilize day-to-day familiarity with all types of contracts to assist with negotiating better contracts for our clients.

Site Visits and Technical Due Diligence

Inspect and review various project sites and perform detailed insurance audits and due diligence across the United States.

Renewable Industry Experts

Radian Generation’s technical advisory and consulting services include hard-to-find renewable energy expertise and skills spanning various industry disciplines. From development due diligence, to construction period support, to operating performance improvements, we are here to help.

New Renewable Technologies

Radian Generation’s technical team reviews many new products and technologies as they emerge onto the renewables landscape. Whether it is a new solar tracker system, an above-ground DC distribution product or the next advancement in energy storage, we are at the forefront of understanding the impact that new technologies may have on the reliability of overall systems. 

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