Performance + Operations


Maximize the value of your operating portfolio with robust performance analytics and reporting.

Radian Digital provides portfolio- and plant-level analytics so asset performance can be monitored and optimized across KPIs like output, resource, uptime, and efficiency. The powerful analytics system and informative dashboards are available for solar, wind, and storage assets as well as a growing variety of renewable technologies and micro-grids.

Own your own data

The Radian Digital™ local agent and transport solution automatically harvest data from generating assets, substations, and meters and securely delivers to the cloud data warehouse for processing and storage. The delivery of consistent and integral data is ensured with multiple layers of automated quality assurance as well as round-the-clock monitoring from our support team.

Additionally, Radian Digital provides a client-hosted replica of the cloud historian, allowing you to literally own the database and truly enable your performance team.

Advanced Analytics

The Performance Analytics module gives you access to insights that are in-depth and impactful for your business. Radian Digital provides portfolio- and plant-level analytics so asset performance can be monitored and optimized. Our software ensures your analytics are reliable, error-free, and secure. With actionable data, performance analytics, and the cloud historian at your fingertips, we make it easy to optimize your assets and maximize your bottom line.

Advanced Reporting

Radian Digital™ provides a catalog of traditional and configurable operations reports to streamline asset management activities. Variable scheduling options enable your team with ready-made access to pre-configured reports, ranging from daily portfolio performance snapshots to formal monthly operating reports. Additional features include virtual weather data integration, a flexible calculation engine to incorporate custom KPIs, and PPA invoicing.


Technical views are derived from site data, providing a consistent, reliable view without extra effort in collecting, correlating, and reconciling. Leveraging the underlying flow of data from Radian Digital’s Reporting feature, each user can customize their dashboard to highlight the metrics that matter across their specific portfolios.


Financial results are available as soon as finalized by the financial team. With a live ERP connection or one-click upload, easily compare results of individual projects or aggregate across portfolios. The Investor Dashboard also provides a single place to track distributions (budget vs actual) and flip date (original and revised) for tax equity investments. In addition to standard financial report views, available dashboard widgets can graphically highlight revenue and expense trends.

Investor Dashboard.

Know today where you'll be tomorrow.

The Investor Dashboard provides a flexible, individualized view that combines technical and financial perspectives, giving you a forward-looking technical perspective on future financial results.

Technical data includes:

  • Current or prior actual production vs model/forecast
  • Production vs weather-adjusted
  • View performance by individual asset
  • Roll up to Portfolio, Group or entire fleet
  • Financial data includes:
  • Monthly or Quarterly results vs budget
  • Distribution and flip date tracking
  • Revenue extrapolations to year end
  • Graphical views of revenue, expenses and distributions
  • Roll up to Portfolio, Group or entire fleet

Field Service Manager.

Fix the right things first

Managing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) activities can have a dramatic effect on project profitability. Revenue lost to incomplete repairs is never recovered, so understanding which issues have the biggest impact is something that should be automatic. In Radian Digital™, it is.

Built-in availability calculations can be tuned to contractual terms and generated automatically based on site data. Individual tickets can be tagged to exclude unavoidable issues under an Availability Guarantee and reports generated on both the mechanical and contractual availability numbers.

Field Service Management also integrates with Performance to automate technical waterfalls, translating the original project forecast to actual results based on your own categories and showing variance from budget in a way that uncovers opportunities for improvement.

Prioritize Intelligently

Individual outages are intelligently ranked based on business impact, enabling a prioritized review of current issues. An independent view of open issues lets you prioritize and track progress and costs, making your meetings with O&M more effective and more productive.

The included asset registry provides a comprehensive history of issues on individual equipment, similar models on the site and across your fleet, leading to a better understanding of vendor strengths supporting both future development and potential warranty claims.

Manage Costs

Understanding the impact of an issue can also be used to optimize truck rolls, saving costs on minor repairs. Parts and labor estimates and final costs can be tracked along with other costs associated with each work order.

Integrates seamlessly with Collaboration to schedule preventative maintenance activities and with the Investor Dashboard to roll up and drill down on monthly operating expenses versus budget.

Collaboration Space

Collaborate in real time through a built-in Kanban board that intelligently creates upcoming tasks for you, avoiding manual steps and preventing overlooking required tasks. Filters and task tags allow for productive meetings across a shared view and underlying tasks are kept up to date as you move through completion, providing a single place for project documents and the regulatory and contractual compliance tasks that go along with them.

Accountability & Review

Make individual assignments for accountability, yet with the flexibility of portfolio roles that easily transition assignments if responsibilities change. A standard workflow allows for internal and external review, with simple approval and rejection processes that keep collaboration out of email and in a single, central environment. Responses sent through email are captured, memorializing external approvals in the database and avoiding a future search through an old Inbox to find who approved a deliverable and when.


A built-in workflow designed for collaboration and consistency.

The Radian Digital™ Collaboration feature provides an efficient work environment for tracking and completing compliance activities through consistent one-time and recurring workflows, complete with pre-built email templates and distribution lists. Bulk upload templates make setup fast and easy.


Receive, store, and deploy assets across your portfolio with seamless accounting integration.

Elevate your Operations

Radian Digital™ unites critical use cases into a comprehensive warehouse and inventory platform right-sized for renewable energy operations requirements.

Engineered to deliver functionality in the field and visibility for audit and accounting purposes, Radian Digital deliver an end-to-end solution.

Key features:

  • Work Order integration
  • Configurable receive workflow
  • Asset tracking from shelf to field
  • RMA
  • Transfer across shelf, warehouse, project, etc.
  • Audit

Field Service Ready

Optimized for large and small screens, the Radian Digital™ Warehouse features were engineered to deliver full function in the field, either in the warehouse, parts cage, or on the road. Expansion of Bluetooth-enabled scanners and printers deliver full capabilities without need for costly infrastructure. 


Our Warehouse module supports critical audit use cases enabling configurable cycle count activity on defined schedule and including assignees, alerts, and variable sample sizes.

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