Lifecycle Enhancement

Development Suite

Optimize project development activities with tools for progress tracking, budget management, financial modeling, stakeholder CRM, and more.

Budget and financing tools

Seamlessly integrate all pre-COD activity into the Radian Digital™ platform with our Development Suite tools. Build and manage a library of project actions, streamline budget activities and actual tracking, and empower your team with powerful CRM and deliverable tracking.

Harness meaningful data as projects progress, and benefit from Radian Digitals information-rich interface and actionable notifications to keep development on budget and on time,



The Radian Digital™ comprehensive stakeholder CRM toolset means you won’t miss a beat in managing critical relationships, with tools for tracking stakeholder information, reporting, and archiving of critical correspondence. Identify stakeholders by project or by geography, generate and track all correspondence within an easy-to-use interface, define ownership of internal and external relations, and track individual stakeholder sentiment per project.

Graphical UI

The graphical user interface for the budget vs. actual tool makes it easy to track your cost-control data. See how current spend matches up to budgeted spend at a glance, whether you’re looking at a single project or evaluating spending across multiple project budgets.

Land Control

Streamline land control and automate landowner payment calculations, including an extensive AP interface & ERP sync.

Land Control & Management

Radian Digital™ unites all land data into a centralized workspace, combining parcels, stakeholders, agreements, ownership, rights, and utilization. Specialized tools enable teams to manage land activities across all project phases providing a common toolset that seamlessly transitions between origination, development, construction, and operations.

Radian Digital unites numerous critical land functions including:

  • Land owner payments and accounts payable
  • Hold Co / Owned Land
  • Property Tax
  • Installations / Assessments
  • Recording
  • GIS
  • Liability reporting

Agreement Workflows​

Streamline original and amendment agreement execution, expiration, and extensions within a workflow that delivers efficiencies for land agents and developers, as well as legal controls.

Land Owner Payments​

Upon execution of Land Owner agreements, applicable payment terms are calculated and presented in a feature-rich accounts payable interface including flat, recurring, royalty, greater of / lesser of, installation based, revenue based, cpi, etc.


Harvest critical data with user-driven data architecture and produce feature-rich reporting.

Your Intelligence

Establish a robust data architecture and gain valuable insight by interacting with Intelligence, Radian Digital’s business intelligence layer. Quickly surface the right data for the right project, or across your portfolio. Radian Digital™ Intelligence lets you define and populate a dataset of relevant attributes, which can then be securely accessed, managed, and manipulated by approved users inside and outside of your enterprise.

Intelligence also can be displayed and delivered in a variety of formats, from dashboards and charts to deliverables tracking and trends. In combination with automated and on-demand reporting options, Radian Digital™ ensures your data is presented how and when you need it to the appropriate stakeholders.


Intelligence supports integration and secure sharing with external users via a robust API enabling continuous alignment with platforms internal / external your enterprise.

On-demand reporting​

Follow all of your most relevant data with a single click. Radian Digital allows you to curate groups of selected Intelligence in interactive trackers, streamlining workflows that are often managed offline with spreadsheets. Automate the secure circulation of Intelligence reports via schedule email distribution.


Stay on schedule, manage resources, and improve visibility with earlier identification of risk with a Gantt interface. 

Your tasks, your way

This task management module puts you in full control of every task, milestone, and team resource. Generate and manage a project Gantt chart, define dependencies between predecessors and successors, and track your critical path to project success. Establish tasks on an ad hoc basis for each project or implement them as a standardized list applied across projects or your entire portfolio.

You’ll also have full control over the way tasks and project timelines are communicated, with configurable notifications and escalations that ensure your team members stay aware of key deadlines.


Streamline project management with country specific standard milestones and expand the tracking capability with project specific add-ons. Use this task management system to calculate expected milestones and lock in the schedule as the milestones occur.

Change logs

Changes to project plans inevitably happen, and they can pile up quickly when different teams and managers collaborate across multiple projects. Our searchable log display includes an audit function, helping you keep track of who changed what, when.

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