Market Segments

U.S. solar power capacity has grown to approximately 97.2 GW!

The U.S. solar market has expanded by more than 20% annually since 2016. With this incredible growth has come a well-earned legitimacy to solar infrastructure and investments that now rivals any other energy-generation technology. Since 2013, Radian Generation has been at the forefront of this maturation process.

Radian Generation offers a variety of technical services for all types of assets across the rapidly expanding renewables markets—including utility-scale solar, commercial solar, community solar, energy storage and wind.  

Each of these market segments is very different and has unique attributes that require a very specific expertise and knowledge. At Radian Generation, we have the critical experience to work with and support all markets and all types of market participants—including developers, EPCs, investors and owners. Our work in renewables spans from early development phases all the way through final operations of projects.

How can we help?

Utility Solar

The utility solar market continues to experience rapid growth. As costs have declined over the past several years, solar has become the technology of choice for utility-scale offtakers and independent power producers. This has created a robust utility solar market in which project sizes range from around 5 MW to 500+ MW! 

Utility solar projects tend to have very specific demands due to their size and the importance of technical performance, putting even greater emphasis on the correct onboarding and setup prior to the start of asset management. Plus, the financing and legal structures in this market often require more attention during construction, creating an even earlier need for asset management support. 

Compliance becomes an important requirement for these generation assets, as projects greater than 75 MVa of generation capacity require registration and reporting with NERC and other regulatory bodies. Radian Generation’s Compliance and Risk team can streamline this process for owners.

Commercial Solar

Radian Generation made its name in solar starting in the commercial market—and it continues to be a leader in this segment. With more than 1,500 commercial projects on our software platforms, commercial solar continues to be integral to our product offering.

Whether it is comprehensive asset management or technical advisory services to support a due-diligence process, Radian Generation is ideally suited to support commercial portfolios. We have a wealth of experience setting up the various financial structures, we have a proven history of integrating many different DAS platforms, and we have software to facilitate technical management across the entire portfolio.

Energy Storage

The growth in the U.S. energy storage market mirrors the path taken by solar—lower costs driving market adoption and growth. And Radian Generation is right there to support this new growth with the same trusted offering of technical, compliance and financial asset management services to ensure owners and operators are getting ROI.


Radian Generation offers compliance, OT, cybersecurity services and software to support wind generation developers and owners. Additionally, we offer specialized wind accounting services for owners, partnerships, and investment funds, managing everything on the financial side—from standard accounting, invoicing, billing and cash management for projects, portfolios, funds and holding companies to specialty investor, lender and tax equity reporting.

Radian Generation Comprehensive Services

Radian Generation provides an array of services to renewable energy projects, including asset management, compliance and risk management, and technical advisory services. Whether the project is in development, under construction or already operating, our experienced team can help maximize, protect and optimize projects during any lifecycle stage.

Asset Management

Delivering measurable results for your projects—increasing your ROI while freeing you to focus on your core business.

Compliance and Risk Management

Navigating confidently through a changing regulatory landscape.

Technical Advisory Services

Steering your technical and financial requirements with certainty.

Cybersecurity and Operational Technology

Engineering, advisory, and managed services to help owners, operators, and developers.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Auditing and assessments, data privacy and risk management advisory and governance services.