Governance, Risk and Compliance Framework

Streamlined and integrated enterprise-level risk management.

Amid the growing risks generation owners must manage in an interconnected and uncertain world, companies are realizing that it is important to have a standardized set of processes and procedures to achieve their business objectives. That is where Radian Generation’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance Framework practice comes in. We can help all types of developers and owners establish dependable policies with predictable outcomes to avoid and manage this uncertainty.

Governance Services

Develop corporate IT governance  and strategic plans to mitigate risks and uncertainties, with a focus on achieving the business’s goals and objectives. Collaborate in the creation of requisite IT and IS/Cybersecurity policies covering all components, domains and aspects of Clients’ ecosystems.

Risk Management Advisory

Perform risk assessments, risk management implementation, and develop risk management policies, SOPs, and guidelines. Infuse best practices for Enterprise Risk Management across the organization. Support and lead client adversarial emulation assessments.


Plan, perform and manage risk-based audits and assessments for various regulatory compliance standards and frameworks such as ISO series, NIST series, SOX (ITGC SOX), CSA etc. Facilitate third-party internal and external audit interventions.

Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

Design, audit, and implement data privacy (security, protection, retention, classification, handling, archiving, general compliance and management of data) in tandem with applicable state, regional, industry or international data privacy regulations.

Why Governance, Risk, and Compliance services should not operate in silos.

A framework serves as a foundation on which key concepts, systems, and software can be built upon. Radian Generation understands that regulatory governance, risk, and compliance do not operate within individual vacuums or silos. Instead, we believe that there is plenty of overlap between these three disciplines and have built our comprehensive asset management services and software platforms with that integrated framework in mind. Our Risk, Compliance, and Governance professionals are adept at coordinating and consolidating GRC-related activities across various teams and platforms. This seamless integration strategy prevents the unnecessary duplications, data-gathering redundancies, and inconsistencies that can slow down a project and increase overhead costs.