Asset Management

Why Use Third-party Asset Management?

A professional third-party asset manager operates as an independent advisor to represent the owners’ interests in fulfilling all project requirements—including technical operations, contract compliance and financial management—at a cost below most in-house resources, allowing owners to maintain focus on their core business. Radian Generation’s Comprehensive Asset Management is a 360º technology-enabled optimization program for both single renewable energy assets and portfolios of assets. Our proprietary Radian Digital™ software platform enables complete operations oversight and administration to ensure optimum performance and ROI.

Operations and Technical Oversight

Detect and resolve technical issues early through monitoring and performance analytics utilizing proprietary software. Optimize operations through O&M oversight, ticket tracking, and resolution.

Contract and Regulatory Compliance

Manage and fulfill contract and regulatory obligations to eliminate compliance risk. Includes tracking of contractual obligations as defined in the project agreements, which are stored in our proprietary cloud-based software.

Financial Management

Organize and perform all day-to-day aspects of financial management according to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), to deliver accurate and measurable results to investors and owners

Project Onboarding

Ensure the long-term success of a project by identifying and extracting all project obligations, financial requirements and technical assets, and integrating the tasks into our proprietary software prior to the onset of operations.

Increased Profitability and Lower Costs

Radian Generation’s Comprehensive Asset Management program optimizes performance while maintaining low operating costs. Our detailed oversight of O&M execution allows for better-informed and timely operating decisions. We automate day-to-day tasks to improve project efficiencies through a software-enabled project management system.

Reduced Risk During Operations

Radian Generation’s secured cloud-based operations and data storage allow for continuity through all types of events in a project’s lifecycle. Internal controls provide for auditability and mitigate the effects of employee turnover. Our software platforms’ centralized architecture enables portability during project transactions and sales.

Unlock Efficiency and Savings with our Cutting-Edge Third-Party Asset Management Services.

For more information on how our renewable energy asset management services can support you throughout your project’s lifecycle, please contact our team of subject matter experts.