Risk Mitigation

Risk Manager.

Manage all your contractual, regulatory, and tax risks for projects and across your portfolio.

Managing your risk

Radian Digital™ catalogs and organizes all of the key contractual and regulatory compliance requirements, along with tax obligations, and provides a feature-rich environment to manage risk across your renewable energy pipeline and portfolio.

Engineered to promote a culture of accountability, Radian Digital deliver a range of tools to engage a wide range of stakeholders.

Key features:

  • Schedule obligations based on centrally managed milestones as well as arbitrary dates
  • Assignments available to both individuals and dynamic team roles
  • Fulsome audit log and details historical records
  • Automated alerts & notifications for assignees and supervisors

Abstraction service

We begin with a robust risk assessment. Radian Digital’s compliance abstraction services translate dense contractual and regulatory requirements into actionable intelligence.

Customized for you

Our Risk Management module links to underlying reference agreements so that you have key documents at your fingertips. And when you want to dive deep into a specific project or risk factor, our powerful search tools can quickly surface the information you need.

Compliance Console

See and manage the state of your compliance program all in one place.

Protected System Management Program

Robust tools for creating and tracking equipment work orders and preventative maintenance activities.


All-in-one NERC compliance software management tool that helps track, document and notify you of important deadlines.

Manage regulatory compliance with process, evidence, and auditability.

Create an individualized compliance program based on robust templates and comprehensive regulatory content, and enhance your team’s expertise and efficiency with available consulting services from Radian Generation’s Managed Compliance Services team as needed to round out your compliance program.

Track approvals with a document workflow that allows for draft review, comment, approval requests and detailed tracking.

Manage conditional compliance activities with automated surveys that confirm the absence of reportable incidents.


Streamline data intensive tax management activities in a comprehensive toolset.

Integrated Toolset

Coordinate all of your tax management activities via the Radian Digital™ platform with our Tax module. Build and manage a library of project and portfolio tax requirements, empower teams to capture static and dynamic data, and leverage the power of our cloud-based Risk Management engine to stay in conformance with tax-related responsibilities.

As portfolios grow, our collaborative tool aligns project, tax, and accounting stakeholders across a myriad of requirements and delivers an data-rich interface with actionable notifications.

Filings & Forms

End-user configurable tax filing and forms library enabling teams to standardize activity across disparate projects. Powered by the Radian Digital™ core system, generate lists of required filings and related forms.

Property Tax

The Radian Digital™ Tax toolset includes a distinct interface to support portfolio and project property tax requirements including Personal, Real, Production, and Pilot.

Manage documentation, efficiently.

Let’s streamline your business together. 

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