Green IT – Development Suite

Optimize project development activities with tools for progress tracking, budget management, financial modeling, stakeholder CRM, and more.

Budget and financing tools

Seamlessly integrate your financial models into the Green IT™ platform with our Development Suite module. Build and manage a library of project and roll-up portfolio models, empower modeling teams to capture data inputs from across your business, and harness our powerful cloud-based calculation engine to generate model results!

As projects progress, our budget vs. actual tool aligns critical cost-control data across multiple systems. By integrating data on budget, actual spend, and committed future spend with your ERP systems, Green IT™ delivers an information-rich interface and actionable notifications.

Format portability

The financial modeling tool supports Excel-based workbooks with and without macros, allowing Green IT™ to leverage your existing models and avoid costly refactoring to an unfamiliar modeling platform. The model is fully portable within Green IT™ and can be extracted back to Excel with a single click.


Graphical UI

The graphical user interface for the budget vs. actual tool makes it easy to track your cost-control data. See how current spend matches up to budgeted spend at a glance, whether you’re looking at a single project or evaluating spending across multiple project budgets.

A CRM specific to Renewable Energy business

The Green IT™ comprehensive stakeholder CRM toolset means you won’t miss a beat in managing critical relationships, with tools for tracking stakeholder information, reporting, and archiving of critical correspondence. Identify stakeholders by project or by geography, generate and track all correspondence within an easy-to-use interface, define ownership of internal and external relations, and track individual stakeholder sentiment per project.

One of the most important stakeholders for successful project development are relevant permitting authorities. The specialized Permitting tool provides you with a matrix to capture and track critical data for each relevant authority and project, including obligations, submissions, responses, and status. Permitting data can be viewed on a per-project basis or as department and portfolio roll-ups.

The Development Suite also makes the entire development process more efficient, with optimized workflows customized to the needs of specific users within your organization. For example, your asset managers can leverage specialized workflows for landowner engagement and site approvals.

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Key modules from Green IT’s expansive software catalog include:


Streamline land control and automate landowner payment calculations, including an extensive AP interface and ERP sync.


Harvest critical data user-driven data architecture, plus feature-rich reporting.

Risk Management

Manage all your contractual, regulatory, and tax risks for projects and across your portfolio.

Performance Analytics

Maximize the value of your operating portfolio with robust performance analytics.

Development Suite

Optimize project development activities with tools for progress tracking, budget management, financial modeling, stakeholder CRM, and more.

Task Management

Stay on schedule, manage resources and improve visibility with earlier identification of risk with a Gantt interface.