Green IT – Land

Streamline land control and automate landowner payment calculations, including an extensive AP interface & ERP sync.

Land Control & Management

Green IT unites all land data into a centralized database, combining parcels, stakeholders, agreements, ownership, rights, and utilization. Specialized tools enable teams to manage land activities across all project phases providing a common workspace that seamlessly transitions between origination, development, construction, and operations.

In addition to core land control and payment functions, Green IT connects to numerous critical functions including:

  • Hold Co / Owned Land
  • Property Tax
  • Installations / Assessments
  • Recording

Agreement Workflow

Streamline original and amendment agreement execution, expiration, and extensions within a workflow that delivers efficiencies for land agents and developers, as well as legal controls.


GIS Sync

Put your land data on the map. Our sync interface makes it easy to bridge ArcGIS data within Green IT, integrating land parcel and real estate data alongside layered mapping capabilities.

Land Owner Payments

Upon execution of Land Owner agreements, applicable payment terms are calculated and presented in a feature-rich accounts payable interface. Milestone based payment triggers enable project specific controls defining when payments are due.

Green IT supports a wide range of payment types including flat, recurring, royalty, greater of / lesser of, installation based, revenue based, etc. Additionally, the system has native support for escalators both defined and based on CPI.

Built to centralize land owner payment management across your enterprise, Green IT is engineered to seamlessly support requirements in diverse markets with nuanced localizations and controls flexible to meet needs from around the world.

Available expansions include automations for lease liability reporting (GAP and IFRS 16), accruals, statement letter generation, and more.

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Key modules from Green IT’s expansive software catalog include:


Streamline land control and automate landowner payment calculations, including an extensive AP interface and ERP sync.


Harvest critical data user-driven data architecture, plus feature-rich reporting.

Risk Management

Manage all your contractual, regulatory, and tax risks for projects and across your portfolio.

Performance Analytics

Maximize the value of your operating portfolio with robust performance analytics.

Development Suite

Optimize project development activities with tools for progress tracking, budget management, financial modeling, stakeholder CRM, and more.

Task Management

Stay on schedule, manage resources and improve visibility with earlier identification of risk with a Gantt interface.