Green IT – Performance Analytics

Maximize the value of your operating portfolio with robust performance analytics.

More than just analytics

The Performance Analytics module gives you access to insights that are in-depth and impactful for your business. The Green IT™ local agent automatically harvests the data needed, from generating assets, substations, and meters. Once the data is aggregated locally, it is securely transported to the cloud historian for processing and storage. The delivery of consistent and integral data is ensured with multiple layers of automated quality assurance as well as round the clock monitoring from our support team.

Green IT™ provides portfolio- and plant-level analytics so asset performance can be monitored and optimized across KPIs like output, uptime, and efficiency. Our software ensures your analytics are reliable, error-free, and secure.

Automated QA

The Analytics module is designed to inspect massive data. The automated processes and quality assurance routines flag any errant or anomalous data, resulting in quality analytics.


Standardized analytics – all assets

The powerful analytics system and informative dashboards are available for solar, wind, and storage assets. Green IT™ delivers a single platform for all technologies, standardizing data and enabling insights across all aspects of your portfolio.

Accessible insights

Making analytics useful requires more than just having the data – you need to find the insights you need when you need them. Green IT™ dashboards let you navigate your analytics through a feature-rich, interactive interface, making it easy to chart performance and asset health across a wide range of key metrics.

Green IT™ provides a catalog of traditional and configurable operations reports to streamline asset management activities. You can also set up ad hoc and scheduled recurring reports with data-rich insights delivered a cadence that matches your needs.

The Performance Analytics module goes beyond number-crunching to empower your team. With actionable data, performance analytics, and the cloud historian at your fingertips, we make it easy optimize your assets and maximize your bottom line.

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Key modules from Green IT’s expansive software catalog include:


Streamline land control and automate landowner payment calculations, including an extensive AP interface and ERP sync.


Harvest critical data user-driven data architecture, plus feature-rich reporting.

Risk Management

Manage all your contractual, regulatory, and tax risks for projects and across your portfolio.

Performance Analytics

Maximize the value of your operating portfolio with robust performance analytics.

Development Suite

Optimize project development activities with tools for progress tracking, budget management, financial modeling, stakeholder CRM, and more.

Task Management

Stay on schedule, manage resources and improve visibility with earlier identification of risk with a Gantt interface.