Green IT™ – Vitals

Harvest critical data with user-driven data architecture & produce feature-rich reporting.

Your Vitals

Quickly surface the right data for the right project, or across your portfolio. Green IT Vitals lets you define and populate a dataset of relevant attributes, which can then be securely accessed, managed, and manipulated by approved users inside and outside of your enterprise.

These Vitals also can be displayed and delivered in a variety of formats, from dashboards and charts to deliverables tracking and trends. In combination with automated and on-demand reporting options, Green IT™ ensures your data is presented how and when you need it to the appropriate stakeholders.


Vitals supports integration and secure sharing with external users via a robust API enabling continuous alignment with platforms internal / external your enterprise.

On-demand reporting

Follow all of your most relevant data with a single click. Green IT allows you to curate groups of selected Vitals in interactive trackers, streamlining workflows that are often managed offline with spreadsheets. Automate the secure circulation of Vitals reports via schedule email distribution.

Knowing your systems health

Referring to your KPIs and other data points as “Vitals” indicates just how important these metrics are to the health of your assets and your business. We provide the flexibility and security you need to track this critical information conveniently and confidently.

Engineered for end-user flexibility, Vitals supports a wide variety of data formats, to establish and track project status, progress, and in defining and calculating KPIs. Supported formats include alphanumeric, numeric, currency, dates localized for markets around the world, percentage, links, files, validation lists, repetitious sequences, and dynamic calculations.

Maintaining control over your Vitals data is critical for your organization. Green IT™ provides built-in real-time auditing features including a searchable log that displays all changes, who edited what, and when.

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