Improving assets with IT Asset Management & Inventory Control

The Need

Renewable energy organizations need to manage their assets and inventory effectively to achieve availability goals, increase cyber security, reduce risk, comply with industry standards and control costs all while working to turn a profit. Utilizing a comprehensive IT/OT asset management and inventory control framework can make the task much more manageable.

Asset Status Tracking

Receive real-time information about the location and status of renewable energy assets including both field-deployed and on-the-shelf. This information enables organizations to monitor the performance of renewable energy assets, identify maintenance issues, and plan for repairs, thereby maximizing the lifespan of these assets. Accurate tracking of renewable energy assets also helps organizations to meet compliance requirements.

Enhanced Security

Effective IT asset management helps to improve cyber security by ensuring that renewable energy assets are properly identified and accounted for. This includes tracking access to renewable energy assets, implementing security measures, and identifying potential security threats. Additionally, effective asset management can help organizations respond more quickly to manufacturer vulnerability announcements and execute response programs.

Cost Savings

Portfolio wide inventory control can help organizations reduce costs associated with renewable energy operations. By monitoring the performance of assets, organizations can identify opportunities to optimize performance and reduce operating costs. Additionally, effective inventory control can help organizations manage spare stock, and reduce risks associated with a challenging supply chain.

Improved Maintenance and Replacement Planning

A streamlined asset management program enables organizations to plan and execute maintenance activities efficiently. This includes tracking maintenance schedules, identifying required parts and equipment, and scheduling repairs or replacements. By implementing a proactive maintenance strategy, organizations can reduce downtime, increase performance, and improve visibility of near- and long-term expenses.


IT asset management and inventory control are essential components of effective renewable energy deployment. They provide organizations with the tools they need to track, manage, and maintain renewable energy IT/OT assets, improving performance, reducing costs, enhancing security, and reducing risk and downtime. As renewable energy continues to grow in importance, organizations that prioritize effective IT asset management and inventory control will be best positioned to manage risk and optimize their operations.

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