LENS Platform

Best-in-class Asset Management Services Software

Radian Generation’s LENS is our proprietary cloud-based technology platform designed and built to deliver the best practices of our industry experts. LENS provides asset managers a 360º view of their investments with automated functionality to improve efficiencies in operations, technical performance and contract management.

Unlike other technology solutions, Radian Generation’s LENS platform was built by and for actual asset managers. LENS software has been tested and proven through day-to-day use by our own internal fulfillment team and is included in each asset management service scope we perform. We currently use LENS to manage more than 13 GW of solar and wind projects for our customers, which gives us firsthand insights into new feature development.

LENS software also is offered as a stand-alone subscription software as a service (SaaS) for owners and developers with their own internal asset management capabilities.

Top 5 LENS Platform Features

1. Missed compliance activities can put a project at risk.

Contractual Compliance

LENS provides a collaborative work environment for tracking and completing portfolio tasks including contractual and regulatory compliance, production-based invoicing and investor reporting.

2. Investor communications require compiling data from lots of different sources which often don't agree.

Custom Reporting

LENS™ captures the knowledge and experience of Radian Generations asset management staff to present real data and information, not an outdated extract. The consolidated, data-driven platform identifies inconsistencies early and automatically, allowing problems to be fixed at their source – reducing reconciliation time – and providing consistent accurate, and up-to-date information.

3. Quickly scaling and changing operations can be challenging.

Managed Growth

LENS™ centralized cloud storage maintains all project documentation and data allowing owners to scale up efficiently and effectively or even sell the asset, without getting drowned in random to-do lists and searching for important files.

4. O&M is both the best opportunity to improve performance and the project's largest variable cost.

Intelligent Oversight

LENS™ technical waterfalls automatically translate from original forecast to actual results, showing variance from budget in a way that uncovers, opportunities for improvement.

5. Virtual weather integrated via available satellite for client sites.

Virtual Weather Station

LENS has completed integrations with SOLCAST and the National Weather Service to add reliable satellite measurements with accurate temperature data from the NWS, a powerful view of expected production and as an independent assessment of site data quality.

Actionable Insights and Measurable Results

Automate the mundane and highlight the exceptional with Radian Generation’s LENS technology platform. LENS offers both project and portfolio views, an integrated compliance task engine, performance data feeds, O&M ticket analysis, workflow management and customized reporting. Free your portfolio managers from administrative burdens with user-configurable task management and programmed to-do lists based on each user’s profile. Reporting is made simple with more than 30 preformatted key performance indicators (KPIs) to support an unlimited variety of reporting options and intuitive distribution tools.

Software Subscriptions

Radian Generation offers three subscription packages for LENS software catering to different customer requirements. Subscriptions can be billed either monthly or annually. Contact us today and schedule a demo to see what our software can do for you. We offer customized solutions and pricing to fit your needs.

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