Revolutionizing Renewable Energy Business:
The Power of Innovative Software Solutions


In 2023 we are standing at the brink of a digital revolution in the renewable energy industry, and it is not just a technological shift – it’s a game changer for efficiency and accuracy. It has become clear that embracing digitization isn’t a luxury but a strategic necessity for organizations looking to go beyond just surviving, it is for those choosing to thrive in this rapidly changing landscape. The potential extends beyond streamlined operations; it holds the possibility of significantly boosting profitability. While navigating the complexities of this digital transformation might be challenging, there is a well thought out plan in place, guiding organizations through the process and ensuring they seize the full range of benefits.

In direct response to identified industry needs, Radian Generation introduced Radian Digital™, a lifecycle software designed to address the renewable energy market. Leading the development and integration of this technology, are Andrew Eisenberg, President & Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Eric Baller, Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Radian Generation. I sat down with them to discuss their distinct approaches regarding software innovations and the pivotal role those innovations play in the revolution of renewable energy business.

Unifying Software Systems

The Creation of Radian Digital™

The renewable landscape is changing and the collective journey requires a commitment to being good stewards to the grid. To plan, prepare and navigate this evolution effectively, a complete outlook of all the data is crucial. Therefore, a comprehensive data-driven solution is necessary. The launch of Radian Digital™ was a strategic response to the pressing need for a cohesive and streamlined approach. Andrew asserts that the decision to combine multiple use cases into a single software line was driven by a commitment to deliver an immensely impactful value proposition to the customer. Understanding the interconnected nature of data within the renewable energy ecosystem, the platform addresses overarching needs, simplifying communication and data exchange between various components.

Tailored for the Renewable Energy Sector

The integration of multiple applications for managing energy production, grid operations, regulatory compliance and financial performance is inherently complex. Radian Digital™ boast a remarkable synergy of 12 interconnected features that operate independently while seamlessly working together, addressing the intricate demands of the renewable energy landscape. Designed with a forward-thinking and data-driven approach, this cohesive solution ensures the achievement of shared objectives. Additionally, the software is strategically sold separately, offering businesses the flexibility to scale according to their specific requirements and providing an adaptive solution to the evolving changes of the organization and/or regulatory standards.

We understood from Eric the nuanced reasoning behind why Radian Digital™ is sold separately – a strategic response to the ever-present challenge of scalability akin to a game of whack-a-mole. Brilliance lies in its adaptive nature, addressing the issues an enterprise may face as they prepare to face them. As the business evolves and encounters subsequent scalability hurdles, Radian Digital™ software stands ready to provide adept solutions.

The business scaling model begins here:

  • Development Suite: Optimize project development activities with tools for progress tracking, budget management, stakeholder CRM, and more.
  • Land Control: Streamline land control and automate landowner payment calculations, including an extensive AP interface and ERP sync.
  • Intelligence: Establish an enterprise solution for business intelligence and harvest critical data and deliver insightful reports.
  • Gantt: Stay on schedule, manage resources, and improve visibility with earlier identification of risk with a Gantt interface.
  • Performance: Maximize the value of your operating portfolio with in-depth, impactful analytics, configurable KPIs and flexible reporting options.
  • Investor Dashboard: Communicate key technical drivers and financial results with roll-up & drill-down of customizable content.
  • Field Service Manager: O&M is both the best opportunity to improve performance and the project’s largest variable cost – manage those relationships.
  • Collaboration: Empower cross-functional teams with a shared workspace, individual assignments and pre-defined workflows for efficient, auditable deliverables and compliance.
  • Warehouse: Receive, store, and deploy assets across your portfolio with seamless accounting integration.
  • Risk Manager: Manage all your contractual, regulatory, and tax risks for projects and across your portfolio.
  • NERC: Eliminate compliance headaches with a reliable, automated digital platform for managing NERC regulatory requirements.
  • Tax: Streamline data intensive tax management activities in a comprehensive toolset.

Addressing Industry Challenges with Radian Digital™

There is a prevailing consensus that the US energy market is poised for significant growth. This anticipated expansion brings with it growing concern about infrastructure, cybersecurity, compliance, and staffing to name a few. In this case, both Andrew and Eric’s response was the same. Do more [much more] with less.


Andrew underscores that the concerns are real. “The renewable energy industry is driven by knowledge- and field-technology professionals. With Radian Digital™ we empower the user to do what they do best – develop projects, operate facilities, manage portfolios. We focus on managing the system component with enhanced efficiency. Each click provides the user the potential for greater impact so that organizations can scale more effectively.”


The diverse spectrum of features Radian Digital™ offers includes comprehensive risk management, tailored for NERC and IBR regulator compliance, and a steadfast readiness to tackle the evolving challenges of today and tomorrow.


Implementing stringent cybersecurity measures to defend against potential threats and comply with regulatory standards is vital to ensuring the reliability of renewable energy operations. Eric highlighted Radian Generation’s commitment to robust cybersecurity practices by pointing out the organization’s ISO 27001 certification. This commitment extends to securing reliable data transfers from a project, fortifying the plant’s resilience against potential threats, and aligning with regulatory standards for secure and sustainable energy production.

Radian Digital™ refinement is significantly influenced by Radian Generation’s dedicated Professional Services Team. Their daily use of the software not only underscores its practicality but also ensures valuable contributions that enhance its overall improvement. This is another testament to Radian Generation’s commitment to the customer and the industry. Furthermore, customers can leverage Radian Generation’s knowledge base across the entirety of their business/operations and can receive recommendations on how to best achieve positive, transformative outcomes. Software-only vendors are unable to provide these insights. This dual-pronged approach of software and service is the essence of why Radian Digital™ stands out as a resilient and scalable solution poised to meet the dynamic demands of the broader renewable industry.

Identifying the Right Time to Implement Radian Digital™

The right time is when you know your use case. It usually comes in the form of:

  • The organization has an identified pain-point that needs solving. Examples are:
    • Scaling needs to occur [potentially at a particular pace]
    • Processes have deficiencies
    • Critical controls are identified as absent

Preparing for implementation involves:

  • A combination of a commitment to developing and maintaining a culture of compliance
  • A level of technological readiness
  • Aligning internal processes
  • Fostering a proactive mindset
  • An investment in time and finances
  • Prioritization of data integrity

Radian Generation’s mission as articulated by their team is:

  • To empower the renewable energy industry by bringing full lifecycle solutions to critical energy infrastructure.

They are committed to being a dedicated partner in the transformative journey. From the initial stages of scoping, through launch [and beyond] the goal is to meet the customer where they are. Each module of Radian Digital™ has been designed to stand alone and to work in concert with the collective.

Conclusion – Radian Generation’s Commitment to Innovation

The time is now. Harness the potential of Radian Generation’s lifecycle software solution, Radian Digital™, designed to address industry challenges and optimizes systems for renewable energy businesses. Embracing scalability, adaptability, and focus on customer growth, this solution positions itself as the answer to both current needs and future success. The organization’s commitment to The Power of Partnership™ shines through in every aspect, from the product design to the contributions of their dedicated Professional Services Team. Recognizing the present challenge, Radian Generation emphasizes that a robust tech stack and orderly data are monumental in navigating and conquering the evolving landscape. Click here to learn more about Radian Digital™. For a personalized consultation, please reach out to us!