What is EOP-011-2 Reliability Standard and What You Need to Know

What it is?

On April 1, 2023, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) implemented new cold weather requirements focused on Generator Owners. What is notable is the requirements provide basic cold weather operations considerations as well as, provide training to those teams onsite that are tasked with maintaining and operating these assets during times of extreme cold.

Emergency Operations and Preparedness (EOP-011-2) includes two new requirements; 7 and 8. The updates focus on the effect that cold weather may have on the generating units, which are any bulk electric system (BES) connected generators, therefore this applies to all generating facilities including hydro, gas, coal, solar and wind.

What you should know.

Requirement 7

As a Generator Owners a Cold Weather Preparedness Plan(s) with the following information must be created at a minimum. 

  1. Identify the generating unit type (Turbine, Inverter, etc.) freeze protection measures, if they are determined to be required.
    1. Generating unit(s) freeze protection measures based on geographical location and plant configuration
  2. A maintenance plan for those freeze protection measures.
  3. Generating unit(s) cold weather data, to include:
    1. Generating unit(s) operating limitations in cold weather to include:
      1. capability and availability
      2. fuel supply and inventory concerns
      3. fuel switching capabilities
      4. environmental constraints
    2. Generating unit(s) minimum:
      1. design temperature
      2. historical operating temperature
      3. current cold weather performance temperature determined by an engineering analysis.
  4. Annual inspection and maintenance of generating unit(s) freeze protection measures

Requirement 8

This particular requirement calls for Generator Owners to work with their Generator Operators and provide training to the site personnel that are responsible for implementing the programs or requirements are in the Cold Weather Preparedness Plan. That training must be logged, and evidence retained to prove compliance with the Requirement.